Upcoming Concerts by International Bands

With Canada’s love for rock music and watching live music concerts, it’s no wonder that within just the first 2 months of 2022, there are already a couple of big names in the music industry travelling to the country to perform.

From legendary names to newer bands, there are many options for great musical experiences by attending any of the concerts on this list.

Alice Cooper – 27 January 2022 – Windsor, Canada

Attending an Alice Cooper concert is never a bad idea. The band’s concerts are packed with props, stage illusions, pyrotechnics, guillotines, electric chairs, and more scary replicas for any rock music fan’s entertainment. This is part of the band’s Halloween Fear Tour and will include some of their greatest hits to date.

There is only one show for Canada on this tour which surely should not be missed.

The Black Angels – 29 January 2022 – Montreal, Canada

The Black Angels will be touring through Canada from the 29th of January, doing a couple of shows throughout the country. The last time they were touring through Canada was in 2018, making this the perfect chance to see this lively band perform some of their greatest tracks. General tickets sales start from $95 for the Montreal gigs.

Elton John – 14 March 2022 – Quebec, Canada

Elton John will be touring his final farewell tour through Canada in March 2022. The concert will be showcasing the artist’s most well-known songs from best-selling albums and his unforgettable stage persona. With this being the farewell tour for Elton, chances are big for this being the last chance of catching the legend live.

Tickets to the concert will sell out quickly. Act fast!

John Mayer – 27 February 2022 – Toronto, Canada

As part of promoting his latest album Sob Rock, the artist will be conducting his first international tour in almost 5 years. He will be performing a concert on 27 February in Toronto and tickets are on sale already. This is a great chance to catch a soulful talent backed by a talented band.

Attending any of the concerts on this list will provide an unforgettable musical experience and might be the last chance to see some of these artists and bands. Check their websites for ticketed sales and more information.