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Since Canada was regarded as a nation in 1867, they started providing their musicians, ensembles, composers, and bands. Since the 1700s, they have built a variety of music halls, conservatories, record companies, and more.

Canada has produced many world-renowned musical acts that have made it to the Billboard record charts since the 1930s. Looking at LP record sales during World War II, artists such as Guy Lombardo sold over 250 million records during their lifetimes.

Oscar Peterson is another well-known band leader from Canada who reached international fame by winning 7 Grammys starting in 1944 with his Montreal Jazz concerts.

With all these great artists from Canada came more rock and jazz bands in the following years. Rock music and band-based music have resurfaced, and the popularity is growing at a fast rate, with music fans enjoying the collaborating efforts of full bands.

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